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We're bringing in SPRING with the release of our brand new Beeswax Tea Light Candles!! Come on over and grab some!

We’re bringing in SPRING with the release of our brand new Beeswax Tea Light Candles!!

Welcome to Honey and Glow!

Our aim is to introduce you to the magic of Australian Beeswax Candles and Raw Honey. All of our candles are made from Australian Beeswax and there are ZERO scents added. True story! The only thing you will smell when you burn one of our beautiful candles is the light scent of honey.  If you suffer from headaches induced by the overpowering scents added to soy and paraffin candles, then why not give our beeswax candles a go?! No need to open the window when you burn these babies!

Our raw honey is as natural and as untouched as you can get – without actually biting the honeycomb straight off the hive frames! It has NEVER been heated above hive temperature (36 degrees Celsius) and none of the good stuff has been filtered out. It’s not glassy clear like your standard supermarket honey – yep, you can actually SEE THE GOODNESS.

Our Body range is a new introduction and consists of a beautifully smooth beeswax Lip Balm and Calm Balm, which is a beeswax base balm with calming essential oils to give you a calming lift whenever you need it.

The full Honey & Glow range is now available at Trove in the Garema Centre, Canberra – and we’re coming to The Local Larder, Civic Walk when it opens this October!!

Be sure to check out both of these amazing locations and get your hands on some Honey & Glow goodies xx

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